The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Peter P

I am from Trenton Ontario. I came to Calgary for the promise of work.


Russ R

Russ has been in Calgary since 1997. He is a machinist who came here for work.


Andy M

Andy has been living in Calgary for the last 25 years after moving here for work. He is from Vancouver, BC and is just trying to find some place to live.


Wayne W

Wayne was born in Kamloops, BC but has lived all over. Unfortunately a year ago he broke the bottom 2 vertebrae in his back after falling out of the bathtub which brought him to Calgary since he doesn't want his family feeling sorry for him.


Brian E

Brian is from Kamloops, BC and was drawn to Calgary 15 years ago for work. He is very appreciative for the Drop-in Centre.


Ted G

Ted has lived in Calgary all his life. He is very thankful and appreciative for everything the Drop-in Centre has helped him and others achieve.


Alison B

Alison moved to Calgary from Edmonton 3 months ago so she could be closer to her husband. She has worked as a social worker but currently she had to go on medical leave.


Mubeen K

Mubeen is from Dubai and moved to Calgary 1 and a half years ago. Mubeen is currently unemployed and homeless but he is working hard looking for work stocking shelves.


Allan L

Allan is from Calgary and has been living in Calgary for the last 50 years. He is presently working on moving into his own place.


Dragan A

Dragan moved to Calgary for the last 4 years for work but is from Serbia. He is a very quite person that likes to keep to himself.


Brian M

Brian is from New Foundland but has been living in Calgary for the last 20 years after coming her for work. Brian likes watching horse racing and off track racing.


Michael M

Michael has just recently moved to Calgary but has moved all around Canada. He has had a very hard time lately since his wife passed away 2 years ago.


Dalys B

Dalys moved to Calgary 22 years ago to be closer to family but he is originally from Lloydminster, SK. He was recently laid off from a moving company and has 2 children.


Lindon L

Lindon moved to Calgary 25 years ago to be closer to family. He is presently working as a construction laborer for the last 3 years.


Monica D

Monica is originally from Muskoday, SK, but has lived in a few different cities in Saskatchewan and Alberta. She has been in Calgary a week this time.


Corey B

Corey is from Manitoba and has been in Calgary for four years. He is working, but unable to afford a place to live.


Dereje T

Dereje is from Addisabab, Ethiopia. He has been in Calgary for 10 years.


Eugene L

Eugene is originally from Dauphen, MB. He has been in Calgary for 16 years.


Barbie S

Barbie is a Canada/ US duel citizen. She has been in Calgary 15 years.


Murray M

Murray is from Edmonton. He and his wife moved to Calgary three years ago to help care for his mother in law.


Joseph S

Joseph is originally from Newcastle, NB. He came to Calgary to work about 5 years ago.


Marlene T

I am from Morley, AB. I have lived in Calgary for 4.


Jibril M

I am from Toronto. I have lived in Calgary for 3 years and came here for work.


Mark D

Mark is from Comox, BC. He came to Calgary after losing his job in Kelowna.


Danny L

Danny was a truck driver until three years ago when he started having seizures. Now he is not allowed to drive at all and he lives at the DI.

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