The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Bill L

Bill is from Calgary. He enjoys reading, walking, tv and wood working.


Darcy P

I am from Manitoba. I have lived in Calgary for 9 years and came here for work.


Carol S

I am from Peace River, AB. I have lived in Calgary for 35 years.


Michele F

Michele is originally from Toronto and has lived in Calgary for 28 years. Michele has had various health issues which lead her to the DI.


Minifie B

A born and raised Calgarian, Minifie has fond memories of spending time with his family over Christmas. He has many interests ranging from sports to music.


Russell T

Russell moved to Calgary to study at SAIT and is currently taking an electrician course. He is very happy these days as he was recently reunited with his cat.


Steve D

Steve is from Fort McMurray and came to Calgary for work. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, football and hockey.


Murray C

Originally from London, Ontario Murray moved here to look for full time work. He enjoys sports and reading mystery novels.


James R

You know that little voice in your head that says "go west young man, go west". I enjoy phone conversations with my wife and daughter overseas.


Madison S

Madison is currently taking grad 12 courses and babysits on the side for extra income. She really enjoys reading anything she can and loves making spaghetti.


Tanner K

Tanner is currently looking for a permanent residence and very much enjoys outdoor sports. He would like some transit passes to help him get around the city.


Geoffrey L

Geoffrey has recently started a full time job as a roofing labourer. His fondest memories are being together with his family.


Kirk S



Patricia S

Patricia is originally from Thunder Bay Ontario and came to Calgary for a life change. She is currently looking for work and enjoys cleaning houses and waitressing.


Charles D

Charles is currently going through some grief as he buried his step son just a few short months ago. He enjoys spending Christmas with his family in Montreal and likes to cook and shoot pool.


Farren W

Farren is a proud father of 6 and grandfather of 5. He has fond memories of past holidays with his family and kids.


Terry Y

Terry is over 60 years old and has some medical issues which have made it difficult for him to hold permanent employments. He likes listening to music and enjoys playing guitar.


Don P

Don is currently homeless as he is looking for work. His interest lye in anything technology and has fond memories trimming the tree with his family.


John S

John is originally from Montreal and works in construction when there is available work. Lover of the outdoors and an avid reader, John has fond memories of going to his Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.


David W

David would really like to get back into moving furniture for a living again. He enjoys long walks and watching sunsets.


Robert M

Robert enjoys riding bikes, camping and fishing. Anything outdoors really! He has fond memories of Christmas when he was married.


Peter R

Peter fell into financial trouble when he took a bad fall at work and lost his job. His fondest memory of Christmas is when he spends it with his sister's family.


Cyril C

Cyril came to Calgary 37 years ago for work. Unfortunately he has had to use up his retirement savings and is currently getting low income help.


Gary S

Gary moved to Calgary 20 years ago from Vancouver, BC for work. He lives a quiet and simple life right now.


Tim W

Tim moved to Calgary 53 years ago from Edmonton to be closer to family. He is very grateful to be have been living in his apartment for the last 3 years and he has worked very hard to cure his phobia of the night.

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