The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Chet P

I am from BC. I have lived in Calgary for over a year and came here for work.


Valerly K

I am from the Ukraine. I have lived in Calgary for 2 months and came here for work to support my family in the Ukraine.


Liviu M

I am from Romania and Calgary. I have lived in Calgary for 20 years.


Philip A

Philip is originally from Black Diamond. Growing up home wasn't safe as his father was abusive.


Joseph R

Joseph moved to Calgary 20 years ago with his family. He has 2 boys and 2 girls.


Fawn J

Fawn came to Calgary for work from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. She has been at the DI for 1.


Jason A

Jason is originally from New Brunswick. He came to Calgary for work.


Haileyesus T

Haileyesus came to Calgary for work 15 years ago from East Africa. He was living in a vulnerable situation and concerned about being beat up.


Jeff O

Jeff has been in Calgary 40+ years. He grew up in Regina.


Jacob G

Jacob is originally from Ontario. He came to Calgary 2 years ago for work but has been at the DI for 1.


Havey W

Harvey came to Calgary 27 years ago from Manitoba. He is currently not working as he is on a medical leave.


Robin P

Robin came to Calgary from Quebec 16 years ago. He has been at the DI for 1 year.


Ken S

Ken has spent most of his life in Calgary. He works in landscaping.


Reuben A

Reuben moved from Edmonton to Calgary 1 year ago in search for a better life. After suffering from abuse and a broken heart he became addicted to crystal meth and crack cocaine.


Glenn O

Glenn was born in Calgary. He has been at the DI on and off for 4 years.


Gerald W

Gerald came to Calgary from Waterloo, Ontario 14 years ago for work. He is currently out of work but is hoping that something will turn up.


Alex B

Alex came to Calgary 10 years ago from Sudan, where he was an orphan.
He was working in the summer but lost his job.


Ken B

Ken is originally from Northern Alberta. He came to Calgary 7 years ago for work.


Zarni K

Zarni moved to Calgary from Ontario 10 years ago because he wanted to build a new life. He is finding it hard to break the cycle of homelessness.


Dennis D

I am from Fort Mac. I have lived in Calgary for 2 years and came because I have family close to Morely and kids.


Munir B

Munir came to Calgary 15 years ago to be with family. Things have happened here and now he is glad to have permanent housing through the DI.


Brian H

Brian came to Calgary in 1971 for his job. Currently he would like to thank the DI for helping him receive permanent housing.


Shengyun J

Shengyun is originally from China. She has been in Calgary for 10 years.


Younes S

Younes came to Calgary to be with family 8 years ago. He likes to play soccer and watch movies.


Robin T

I am from Nova Scotia. I have lived in Calgary for 9-10 years and came for family.

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