The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Scott D

Scott came to Calgary 30 years ago for a change of venue. He has had a couple of businesses that didn't work out and now he is doing temp work.


Ahsan K

Ahsan is originally from Calgary. He loves to continually learn.


Dave W

Dave came to Calgary from Edmonton about 14 years ago. He had struggled in poverty and came here because there was a job here.


Henry A

Henry has lived in Uganda, Vancouver and Edmonton and now Calgary. He is currently looking for a job on the rigs.


Gord H

Gord originally came from Hamilton, Ontario. He worked here in Calgary for many years.


Lee S

Lee is from Calgary and went away and came back. He has been back in his home town about 20 years.


Mike W

Mike is originally from Olds. He has been in Calgary for about 16 years.


Amaritpal D

Amaritpal came to Calgary for family reasons about 12 years ago for family reasons. He is originally from BC.


Ian R

Ian was born in Ottawa. He came to Calgary as a child.


Jason Z

Jason came to Calgary with his sister 17 years ago. He recently split up with his girlfriend.


Tyler D

Tyler is originally from Calgary. He grew up in the foster care system and went through 44 living situations during his childhood.


Martin V

Martin came to Calgary in the 1980's from Winnipeg. He got laid off two years ago and is still struggling to find permanent work.


Martin M

I am from Calgary. I've been at the DI on and off for six years.


Bill B

I am originally from Fernie, BC. I came to Calgary 13 years ago to work and to take care of my mother.


Jorden L

I am originally from Montreal, I came out to Calgary 7 years ago for work in the construction industry. I take part in as many of the programs here at the DI as I can including the woodshop program.


Guy J

I moved out to Calgary from Northern Ontario over 36 years ago. Right now I am working part-time.


Opiew O

I came from the South Sudan to Calgary 13 years ago.

My favorite Christmas memories are spending time with family and enjoying the good food.


Duane J

I came to Calgary from South Sudan as a refugee 10 years ago. I enjoy basketball and movies.


Don M

I am originally from Saskatchewan but I have been in Calgary for the last 16 years. I had to drop out of school due to financial constraints.


Katherine C

I came to Calgary from Toronto 2.5 years ago.


Bobby G

I have lived in Calgary all of my life. I am an artist, I like to write and draw animation.


Kelly W

I am from Calgary.
I have been camping out for the past 5 years.


Wayne K

I came out to Calgary 33 years ago for work from Brandon, MB. I am looking forward to moving into a bachelor suite.


Gloria S

Gloria came to Calgary for work and has been here for 8 years. While in Calgary she has met a lot of great people.


Michael G

I am a native Calgarian. I am living at the DI because I am disabled and cannot work.

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