The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Mulugeta G

Mulugeta moved to Calgary 5 years ago for work and unfortunately hurt himself but can't afford to go anywhere else. He tried going to New Foundland first but then came to Calgary where he broke his back in an accident.


Kevin R

I`m from B.C.


Myphung B



Ken J

Ken is originally from Calgary and is taking 1 day at a time. He is currently on the wait list for housing but not sure if he will make it that long since he is HIV positive and the current wait is 5 months.


Lorna B

I have lived my entire life in Calgary.

I like to help people and people say that I am a good listener.


Wyalleen E



Allen M

Allen has been in Calgary for 32 years. He worked in the trades and did maintenance work, but currently is unable to because he has a heart condition and recently had pneumonia.


David T

I am from Langley BC. I have lived in Calgary for 6 months and came here for work.


Ghislain B

Ghislain is from Montreal but has been a Calgarian for the last 16 years. His household was a busy place since he comes from a family of 10.


David E

I am from London, Ontario and I came to Calgary to work. I have been here for 15 years.


Richard G

I was born in Germany but have spent most of my life in Calgary. I enjoy using my computer and watching Dr.


Ian R

Ian came to Calgary from Ottawa in 1969 because his parents moved here.
He would like to be able to find his own place - but it is hard finding a place to live that he can afford.


Sean T

I stay elsewhere and at the DI. I was camping until about a month ago.


Wendy H

Wendy came to Calgary from BC and has been here since 1990. She has a disability which restricts her ability to work.


Richard S

Richard is a born and raised Calgarian. He has two children and is very family conscious.


Jeff W

Jeff has traveled all over Canada and loves Calgary best. His favorite NHL team is the Flames.


Paige L

I am from Morely, AB. I have lived in Calgary for 5 years and came here because I wanted a change.


Robert B

Robert is originally from Edmonton, but has been in Calgary for over 40 years. He no longer sleeps at the DI, but he can't afford to both have an apartment and eat so he gets his meals at the DI.


Gord B

Gord grew up in Regina, Sask. He came to Calgary 18 years ago for work.


Shawn A

I am from Edmonton, AB. I came to Calgary from being in Foster Care.


Beverly B

Beverly is from Standoff. She came to Calgary 8 months ago looking for work.


Bill M

I am from Montreal. I have lived in Calgary for 20 years and came here for work.


Kirby K

I came to Calgary 24 years ago for work and apprenticeship training. Due to an accident, I am now disabled and on a fixed income below the poverty line.


Chris M

Chris is from Edmonton. He came here to go to school and was working here.


Jimmy P

Jimmy has been in Calgary for about 6 years and is originally from BC. During his free time Jimmy enjoys playing Nascar on PS4 and bike riding.

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