The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Deborah J

Deborah is originally from Medicine Hat and moved to Calgary in 1986 for her 3rd marriage. Her Family lives in Calgary and she has began connecting with her family.


Amanda A

Amanda came to Calgary from Lethbridge 4 months ago. She came to get away from a bad situation involving drugs and wants to get her life back on track.


Amritpal K

I am from India (Punjab). I have lived in Calgary since 2005 and came here to be successful.


Arnold D

I am from Manitoba. I have lived in Calgary since 2002 and came here for family.


Michelle N

Moved to Calgary in 2001. She is currently in pain.


Don N

I am originally from Sudbury, Ontario and have been in Calgary for about 9 years. I am in my EI waiting period right now and looking to get full time employment as a heavy equipment operator.


William M

William came to Canada as a child of 11 years of age. He is currently unable to work due to degenerative disc disease.


Alfred L

I am from Manitoba. I like Calgary and have lived here now for 20 years.


Vanessa B

Vanessa is originally from Grande Prarie, Alberta. She has also lived in Calgary and Edmonton before.


Kurtsey B

Kurtsey has been in Calgary just over two months. She would like to go back to school.


Dan R

I was living in Lethbridge and recently moved back to Calgary to be closer to my family and go to school. I enjoy reading, working out, flag football and playing soccer.


Yahya M

I am from Afghanistan. I immigrated here and have lived in Calgary for 8 years.


Tracy K

Tracy grew up in Calgary. He likes to watch movies.


Bunni G

Bunni originally grew up in BC. She moved to Calgary to be with her boyfriend.


Susan M

Susan is originally from Winnipeg but has been in Calgary for over 20 years. She had been working but lost her job.


Joanne C

Joanne is from Ontario and has been in Calgary for 35 years. She has been on and off at the DI for about 10 years.


Donald C

I am from Manitoba. I have lived in Calgary for 20 years and came here for work.


John M

John is a former SAIT employee that was recently layed off due to budget cuts. The job hunt is slow but he is working hard at finding something very soon.


Mike H

Mike is recently unemployed and having a very difficult time looking for permanent work. He has great memories of every Christmas as Mike came from a great childhood.


Maureen B

Maureen is from Cardston. She came to Calgary looking for better medical care as she has some concerning medical issues.


Len H

I am from Colborne Ontario. I have lived in Calgary for 3 years.


Scott C

Scott has lived in Calgary since 1988.
He is employed with temporary work.


Blair K

I have been in Calgary for the last two years. Originally from Cold Lake, I came here for with family.


Melva T

Melva is presently here at the DI due to financial and health reasons. She knew that she would be welcomed and looked after well here.


George V

George is from Midland, Ont. He is working, but pays so much in child support that he can't afford housing for himself.

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