The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Murray M

Murray was born in Calgary but was adopted and lived for many years in Whitehorse. He has been in Calgary now for 36 years.


Amanda F

I am from Victoria, B.C.


Chris L

I am originally from Ontario and came to Calgary for work. I have many interests ranging from photography to skiing and the stock market.


Wayne C

I have been staying at the DI since January. I am from Calgary originally and working a temp job.


Steve D

I have been living in Calgary for the last 9 years, I am originally from Tofino, BC. I enjoy surfing, sky diving and would like to volunteer as a park ranger.


John M

John moved to Calgary from Manitoba 15 years ago. He is trying to find a place to live.


Shawn R



Randy H

I am from Calgary. I have 3 Grandkids and 2 kids.


Pierre T

Pierre is from Penetanguishene, ON. He has been in Calgary for 38 years.


Lori P

Lori is from Ottawa. She came to Calgary about a year ago.


Julio A

Julio immigrated to Canada over 20 years ago. He has lived and worked in Calgary for most of that time.


Doug B



Tom S

Tom came to Calgary 18 years ago from Edmonton. Currently in toxicology and WHMIS classes.


Corey R

Corey was born in Calgary and has been here all his life. His favourite holiday is Christmas and he loves to cut down his own Christmas tree for the holidays.


Andre C

I am from Montreal and came west to work about 2 years ago. That went well for a while, but then things started to slow down, I am now here at the DI and looking for work.


Lee L

I came here to Calgary from Fort Chipewyan Alberta. I came here to go to school for construction work and the John Howard Society.


Wayne L

I was born here in Calgary but moved to Edmonton and lived there for 30 years. I've been back in Calgary for about 16 years ago and am retired.


Sylvia S

Sylvia came to Calgary 5 months ago. She has a medical disability.


Jason T

Jason is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He came west with a girlfriend.


Brad H

Brad is from Windsor, Ontario. He came to Calgary looking for work 8 years ago.


Margaret L

I am from Saskatoon, SK. I have lived in Calgary for 15 years and came here for a job.


Lulian R

I am from Romania. I have lived in Calgary for 10 years and came for family.


Donald D

I am from Fort Smith and Calgary. I have lived in Calgary for 20 years and came here for work and marriage.


Richard B

Richard moved to Calgary 21 years ago with his family.
He has been at the DI for 1.


Adrian M

Adrian came from Brampton originally. In 1977 he drove towards Calgary until his car broke down then sold farm equipment in the coldest year on record.

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