The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Kurt M

Kurt moved from to Calgary 2 years ago to be with family.
He likes moves but really likes Westerns.


Donald A

Donald grew up in Nipawin SK. He came to Calgary for work when he was 20.


Tyler B

I was born and raised in Calgary.

I am currently working with the DI housing program.


Ward T

Ward was born in Calgary and enjoys both the community and affordable housing. Ward unwinds by listening to western & fantasy audio books, doing puzzles, playing mystery, Facebook or crime games.


Tony L



Rick O

I was born and raised in Calgary. My current situation sucks.


Grant F

I am originally from Medicine Hat and have been living in Calgary for about 30 years. I am looking for and working hard towards permanent housing so that I can become more settled and move on with my life.


Mark S

I am originally from Vancouver and have now lived in Calgary for about 5 years. I wanted to move to Calgary for many years, finally did and then the economy declined.


Adrian R

I am originally from Manitoba and I came to Calgary to be with my family. I've been here for 3 years now and I am trying to get back to work.


Pierre C

I am originally from Montreal and have been in Calgary for about 17 days. I moved here to see the town and hopefully some cowboys.


Virendra K

Virendra came to Calgary with his family from the Fiji Islands 34 years ago. He has had a good life in Canada.


Daniel S

Daniel has been in Calgary for 4 years. He is currently looking for work and has been at the DI for about 4 months.


Braydon F

Braydon is from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He came to Calgary 3 years ago because he needed to change his living situation.


Abdi Y

I have been staying at the DI for 2 years. I enjoy playing sports and have been studying English at Bow Valley College.


Martin M

I have been living in Calgary for the last 15 years, I am originally from South Sudan. I would really like to be working.


Lance E

Lance grew up in Cardston, AB. He came to Calgary 20 years ago for work.


Matthew P

I am from Chicago. I have live in Calgary for many years and came here for family.


William M

William is originally from Victoria, South Africa. He has been in Canada for a long time and came to Calgary 3 years ago looking for work.


Walter T

I am from Calgary. Born and raised.


Melodee J

I am from Winnipeg, MB. I traveled here and have lived in Calgary for 1 year.


Ray H

Ray is from Calgary. He has been in and out of the DI for 15 years.


Lars T

Lars is originally from Winnipeg. He came to Calgary for work and because he had family here.


Rick S

I am from Weyburn, SK and I came to Calgary for work. I have Huntington's Disease.


Darryl B

Darryl is originally from Winnipeg and moved to Calgary for work, family and friends. He has been in Calgary for ten years on and off and is currently trying to get back on his feet.


Mark D

Mark moved to Calgary 1 year ago from Invermere, British Columbia. He is hoping that things will get better for him here.

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