The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Fred M

Originally I'm from Kingston, ON
but I moved to Calgary 40 years ago to visit the Calgary stampede.

I honestly don't know what to tell you about my current situation, but I enjoy fishing, being outdoors, and watching sports.


Mike H

Originally from Winnipeg but came to Calgary almost a year and a half ago looking for work.

I am a bit distraught with my current financial situation but I'm still working by myself which often times makes me feel lonely.


Percy H

I moved from Saskatchewan to Calgary 20 years ago with my family. There are 11 of us, 7 brothers and 3 sisters.


Dean K

I am an easterner, originally all the way from Newfoundland. I've been here in Calgary for about 5 years and came hear for employment.


Daniel C

I am originally from Kitchner Waterloo, ON but I have travelled all over the place for work.
Through working for Telecom I travelled to Niska, Saudi Arabia, and even down south for some time.


Adrian M

I came to Calgary 6 months ago from Brampton, Ontario. I am looking for work and looking forward to performing at the DI with Music Associated.


Tim D

Tim moved from Edmonton to Calgary about 3 years ago for work. Lost the job, lost the housing and that led to living at the DI.


Laverne M

Laverne came to Calgary four years ago from Edmonton. She and her husband are both homeless.


Ron B

Ron came to Calgary from Regina 41 years ago due to family concerns. He is unable to work at this time so he volunteers every day at the DI, trying to make lives better, and then goes out and bottles and garbage to clean up the earth.


Gail S

I am from Mundare, AB. I came to Calgary as I was out of money and I have relatives here.


Gerald M

I am from Northern Alberta. I have lived in Calgary for 26 years.


Daniel B

Daniel is originally from the Montreal and Ottawa regions. He came to Calgary in 2007 because of his daughter.


Esay L

Esay came to Calgary 15 years ago from British Columbia for work.
He enjoys fishing, camping and hunting.


Nicholas C

Nicholas is originally from Calgary. He likes to unwind with arts, computers and music whenever he gets the chance.


David S

David is originally from Powell River, BC. He came to Calgary four years ago for work.


David D

David is originally from Calgary and unfortunately unable to work right now do to medical issues. He is working hard to seek help from doctors and has applied for AISH.


Derrek H

Derrek was born and raised in Calgary. He likes life in Calgary.


Jerry L

Jerry originally came to Calgary from Cornerbrook 27 years ago. He lived a full life here until he reached the point where he was unable to work.


Moises I

Moises is originally from El Salvador. He came to Calgary 30 years ago.


Sean C

Sean came to Calgary from St. John, NB.


Mavis P

Mavis is originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica. She moved to Calgary 2 years ago because of her son and a job.


Danilo U

I've lived in Calgary now for 9 years, originally from Toronto. A friend of mine advised me to come to Calgary, and I did.


Shawna M

I grew up in Ontario but I moved to Calgary with my mom 16 years ago
I've been on and off employed for 3 years and am currently looking for part time work.

My interests include watching movies, my favorite genre is fantaryl drama.


Michele K

Michele has been in Calgary 3 years. She came here from BC.


Kit K

I am from Calgary; born and bread.

I am hard working.

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