The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Alan N

I come from B.C.


Brad B

Brad is from Owen Sound, Ontario. He came to Calgary to be with his brother 36 years ago after his dad died.


Tyler R

I am an outdoorsy guy who loves camping and getting together with family. I am in need of an electric razor so keep trim and tidy.


Brad R

I have been in Calgary for about 7 years and I'm working hard on self improvement. My greatest Christmas memories are from when we celebrated with my grand parents and family.


Dmytro P

I have an Ukrainian background and have lived in Calgary for 29 years. I am really enjoying living on the 4th floor and the stability it provides.


Ben T

I have lived in Calgary for about 20 years. I love nothing more than to relax and listening to country music.


Keith P

Keith moved to Calgary from Toronto for a change of scenery and work. He is currently working in a temporary position as a painter.


Daniel D

Daniel is from Quebec and first came to Calgary 14 years ago for work. He has been at the DI for 2 years, He works spring to fall, but does not make enough to have a place of his own.


Shelly D

Shelly is from Winnipeg. She came to Calgary in 1995 with her then husband.


Janice B

Janice came to Calgary 9 months ago for medical reasons. She is currently dealing with a situation where the company she was working for terminated her unfairly over the phone and now her cell phone has been stolen.


Daniel S

Daniel has been in Calgary for over 10 years. He has a brain injury that affects his short term memory.


Maggie S

This last summer I moved out of the Drop In Centre to live in an apartment with friends - which I am loving!


Amber N



Greg W

I was born and raised here in Calgary. I am a happy person that gets along well with others.


Ron A

I am a native Calgarian. I am currently working on my autobody ticket.


Terry B

Terry came to Calgary 10 years ago from Brooks, Alberta. He came to Calgary for work but is currently unemployed.


Neil S

Neil grew up near Fort McLeod. He was living in Seattle, WA and moved back to Calgary in 1985 to be closer to family.


Christy P

I am from Calgary, AB. I like esthetics and work.


Larry R

I am from Chatham ON. I have lived in Calgary since 1999 and came here for work.


Tammy T

I am from Fredrickton N.B.


Robert J

I am from Calgary, born and raised. I have had a tough year.


Darwin H

Darwin recently got an apartment. He severely injured himself in 2013 and was on wcb until they quit paying him in spring of 2015.


Paul L

Paul is originally from Ontario and moved to Calgary for work, he has resided in Calgary for about 10 years. Paul would like to go back to Ontario but is currently unemployed.


John P

John has been living in Calgary for 12 years after coming here from Revelstoke, B.C.


Rob L

Rob came to Calgary from Kelowna about 12 years ago to work the oil patch. He is currently working at a restaurant part time and is very grateful for the DI.

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