The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Walter B

Walter came to Calgary 3 months ago from Manitoba due to a family issue. He is unable to work because of a medical problem.


Terry B

Terry came to Calgary from BC 15 years ago for his work, swamping. He is currently unable to find work.


Don M

Don came to Calgary from PEI in 2001 because he had a job doing labour work. A few years later he experienced a heart attack.


Fabian S

Fabian came to Calgary from Mississauga in 2006 for a job framing houses. He is working temporary positions in construction.


William G

William has been in Calgary for 3 years and has been doing temporary work. When he is not already working, he is looking for full time.


Elizabeth W

Elizabeth came to Calgary 10 years ago from Edmonton for work in construction. She is no longer able to do that and ended up at the DI.


Richard G

Richard originally came her 37 years ago for work. He has had some major health problems recently though and can no longer work.


Joe C

Joe is from Calgary. He works temporary jobs whenever he can and in between he collects bottles.


Robert D

Robert was born in Winnipeg, He moved to Calgary when he was a small child. He likes the outdoors; hiking, cycling, fishing, camping, it is all good for him.


Richard G

Richard is from Oshawa. He has been here for 2 months.


Gary T

Gary worked up until the year 2000 and then started having major medical issues. Due to his medical concerns he cannot work.


Scott B

Scott is from Siksika Nation. He has been here for 3 months.


Donald L

Donald is looking for employment. He regularly volunteers at the DI.


Nakita B

Nikita came to Calgary from Saskatchewan 18 years ago to be with family and friends. Her favorite thing to do is cook.


Todd P

Todd came to Calgary a year ago for work. The economic situation dried up and his job disappeared.


Jason K

Jason came to Calgary from Edmonton 35 years ago to be with family. He recently lost his home and was forced to seek a place to stay here at the DI.


Gurmeet B

Gurmeet is originally from New Delhi, India. He came to Canada to make a better life for himself.


Stacie G

Stacie is originally from Manitoba, but she has lived a few places in Alberta. She took art school a few years ago in Red Deer.


Jose B

Jose came to Canada 30 years ago as a refugee to have a better, safer life. He has recently lost his job.


Chris L

Chris came to Calgary 12 years ago looking for work and dealing with a marital separation. He has a job, but was unable to afford lodging.


Chantel A

Chantel came to Calgary 17 years ago from Ontario to be with family. She has a daughter age 9 who she spends as much time as possible with.


Rebecca K

Rebecca has lived in Quebec City and the Congo. She has been in Calgary for 18 months.


Kirk S

Kirk is originally from Saddle Lake. He came to Calgary in search of work.


Bruce B

Bruce likes watching movies, seeing comedians, people watching, reading and bird feeding. His favorite Christmas memories are family get-togethers.


Columbia B

Columbia says she is a happy person. She just finds something to be happy about every day.

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