The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Rick M

Rick is from Salmo, BC. He has been on and off at the DI for about three years.


Jan B

Jan is from Calgary. He has traveled to many different places, but always came back home.


Gerry H

Gerry has been in Calgary for about 2 years. He really likes music.


Janice B

Janice came to Calgary 9 months ago for medical reasons. She is currently dealing with a situation where the company she was working for terminated her unfairly over the phone and now her cell phone has been stolen.


Daniel S

Daniel has been in Calgary for over 10 years. He has a brain injury that affects his short term memory.


Thomas W

I came out to Calgary for work 37 years ago from St. Catherine's, ON.


Gary C

I am a born and raised Calgarian. I just moved into my new apartment a couple of months ago.


Cy F

I am from Cape Breton, NS. I have lived in Calgary for 19 years.


Cal B

Cal is originally from LLoydminster, Saskatchewan. He enjoys sports, world events and reading.


Leanne C

I am from Hobbema, AB. I have lived in Calgary for 5 years and came here for a new beginning.


Bruce J

Bruce moved to Calgary from Manitoba about three years ago. He likes to listen to sports, music and news.


Ron J

Ron came to Calgary from Edmonton 1 year ago looking for full time work. The living arrangement he had when he moved here didn't work out.


Kara M

Kara has lived in Calgary on / off for all of her life. She is at the DI because she needed to get away from the family violence in her home.


Shelley W

Shelley is from Calgary. She is working with her son to move out to an apartment and get on with his life.


Robert E

Robert enjoys music and electronics and would really appreciate a casual outfit. He wears size medium W 28/ L 36.


Freeman H

Freeman is about to be 70 years old and unfortunately has no family in Calgary. He enjoys reading and playing guitar and would really appreciate a backpack and toiletries for Christmas.


Roger M

I am from Ontario. I have lived in Calgary for 10 years and came here for work.


Ralf S

Ralf is originally from Calgary and currently doing temporary work for now. He enjoys spending his spare time reading, doing puzzles and playing games on the internet.


Robert J

I am from Calgary, born and raised. I have had a tough year.


Lorelei S

Lorelei is from Calgary. She lost everything when her mom died 5 years ago.


Kevin R

I am from Calgary. I have no family.


Leon B

Leon is from the Siksika Nation. He came to Calgary three years ago when he split with is ex.


Vera S

Vera is from Calgary. She enjoys reading, gymnastics and winter sports.


Ray E

Ray has been in Calgary for over 42 years. He is retired at a very low income.


Samuel P

Samuel is from Pigeon Lake, AB. He has been in Calgary for about three years.

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