The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Doug B

I am from Thunder Bay, ON. I have lived in Calgary for 20 years and moved here for Calgary.


Barbara B

Barbra lives on her own as a low income individual. She has been struggling year after year with health issues and her wish this year is to put on some weight and feel stronger.


Randy H

Randy has lived in Alberta all his life; sometimes in Calgary, sometimes in Drumheller. He has a disability.


John B

John has been living in Calgary for the last 39 years after work brought him to here. He is very quiet but also lonely.


Paul R

Paul is a client at the Drop In Centre. He is not in touch with his family very much and is very kind hearted and generous.


Mark L

Mark is from Calgary and enjoys doing art to unwind. His favorite holiday is a Christmas he spent with his family when his parents surprised him with a Walkman cassette player.


John S

John is from Calgary and grew up as a ward of the province. He is thankful to his creator for the housing he now has.


Harold S

Harold came to Calgary 50 years ago with his parents. He is very happy to be working and able to rent a small room after living at the DI for quite a while.


Albert M

I'm from Cape Breton, NS. I have lived in Calgary for 20+ years.


Valeriy K

Valeriy is from the Ukraine and has lived in Calgary for just 6 months now. She currently working part time but she just does not make enough to pay all of her bills.


Han W

Han came to Calgary as a refugee over 20 years ago. Han is mentally and has no family or support in Calgary.


Richard S

Richard is originally from Poland. He has been in Canada for 21 years.


Michael M

Michael immigrated from Romania. He has enjoyed working and living in Canada for many years.


Jake V

Jake came to Calgary from BC three years ago for work with oil. He really appreciates all the help he has received when he really needed it.


Kari-Anne F



Donald M

Donald is from Edson, Ab. He came to Calgary because of the Calgary Stampede.


Aaron W

Aaron is originally from Saskatchewan and came to Calgary for work. There were no jobs in his industry and he became unemployed, he then found himself staying at the drop in center.


Richard R

Richard moved to Calgary from Edmonton about 5 years ago when his mom passed away. he has one son and loves to just be with his son in his own home.


Jerry H

I grew up in Saskatchwan. My Mom lives in Strathmore and we have some other family around Calgary.


Colin L

I come from Coal Lake, AB. I came to Calgary in 1967 for work.


Wes B

I came to Calgary about 8 months ago for work. Originally, I am from Standoff Alberta.


Edward N

My wife and I have been living in Calgary for the past 2 months. before that we were in Kamloops with my wife's children.


Brad B

Brad is from Owen Sound, Ontario. He came to Calgary to be with his brother 36 years ago after his dad died.


Andre-Francois W

I have an interest in commercial and residential real estate and I am working on enrollment in the Momentum real estate program. I would love and appreciate the opportunity to sit meet one on one with an active real estate agent in the Calgary market.


Trisha B

Trisha is from the Calgary area. She grew up in foster care and was reunited with her father as an adult.

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