The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Ray G

Ray was born in High River. He came to Calgary 40 years ago for work.


Vanessa K

Vanessa came to Calgary 2 years ago from Edmonton because of a relationship she was in.
Vanessa lived with her mother until she passed away of cancer.


Terry P

Terry has been in Calgary for the past 39 years. He is currently retired.


Gary E

Gary came to Calgary from Vancouver, B.C.


Lisa W

Lisa moved to Calgary from Taber 17 years ago. She recently lost her sister due to a drug overdose and was evicted.


Malond S

I have been in Calgary for almost one year.

I went to work at 12 years old.


Blaine H

I am from Kelowna, BC. I have lived in Calgary for 10 months.


Gerard B

Gerard was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He has lived in Canada for half his life.


Hilda O

Hilda immigrated from Nigeria. She has been at the DI for 21 days.


George M

I am from Saskatchewan. I have lived in Calgary for almost 50 years and I came here for family.


Joe F

I am from BC. I have lived in Calgary for 13 years and came here for work.


Clint M

Clint is from Calgary. He has traveled many places, but always comes home.


Dennis C

I am from Regina, SK. I have lived in Calgary for 1 month and came here for a place to stay.


Todd M

Todd is originally from Montreal. He moved to Calgary 1 year ago to be with family.


Mike F

Mike grew up in Calgary. Mike has been through a treatment program.


Barbara K

Barbara has been in Calgary for 13 years. She likes to read and do needlecrafts.


Gloria H

Gloria was born in Calgary. She is dealing with mental illness which makes it very difficult to find a job.


Simone W

Simone is from Calgary. She has been at the DI for 2.


Cornell B

Cornell was born and raised in Calgary. He has no family and no job.


Ted G

I am a Calgarian. I have mental health issues and I am searching for my birth mother.


Karen M

Karen is at the DI due to some hard times. She has many hobbies like crocheting, swimming and loves horses.


Lyle J

Lyle has been in Calgary for many years and enjoys spending quality time with his wife. He would really like some transit passes to help him get around the city.


Dana T

Dana struggles with schizophrenia, however he is very proud to say that he has a commerce degree and came from a very upstanding family. Dana is looking for work outside as he is working hard on saving for a motor home.


Zbigniew T

Zbigniew is originally from Poland and came to Calgary originally for work. He is retired on a low pension but does have fond memories of Christmas dinner with his family in Poland.


Michael B

Michael was working up north in the oil sands, but due to the economy and oil shut down he is now financially handicapped. Michael grew up in a low income family and really didn't have much, but he always remembers his mom doing anything she could to have a gift for me.

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