The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Darlene P

I am a Calgarian, born and raised, and I've been here for 26 years. I've been doing the steps to get on the right paths.


Nico A

I grew up in Manilla, the Phillipines and I came to Calgary for work. I`ve been in Calgary for 7 years now, the last 4 at the DI.


Tula B

Tula came from northern Alberta about 2 years ago for work. With the economic slowdown, she is now out of work and homeless.


Branko J

Branko is originally from Yugoslavia.Currently he is trying to find work and staying at the DI.


Daniel L

Daniel came to Calgary to work from Prince George 7 years ago. He is working very hard to keep clean from drug addiction and is working toward having a steady job and his own apartment.


Shelly D

Shelly is from Winnipeg. She came to Calgary in 1995 with her then husband.


Lillian J

Lillian came to Canada when she was 9 years old. She moved to Calgary when she was 16.


Jerrold G

Jerrold came to Calgary as a child, 53 years ago. Currently he is looking for a job.


Justin C

Justin came to Calgary as a child with his family. He was born in Saskatchewan.


Thomas W

Thomas came to Calgary over 20 years ago from St Catherine's, Ontario. He has been at the DI for a while, since he tore his meniscus and has been having trouble working.


Zachary S

Zachary came to Calgary a couple of years ago looking for work. He left his home in BC where there were no jobs and came to Calgary where he had heard that there were jobs.


Robert M

Robert moved here with his mom from Ft McMurray. They had rent money, but it was stolen.


James H

James is originally from Mississauga. He has been living in Calgary for quite some time, but was just making it pay cheque to pay cheque and then someone stole his rent money.


Blair S

Blair is struggling with the Christmas season this year. His parents have passed away.


Kevin V

I am from Vernon, BC. I came to Calgary for work 20 years ago.


Philip A

I recently came to Calgary some weeks ago. I am from Black Diamond.


Danah S

I came to Calgary from Edmonton about 20 years ago. I have just recently moved out of the DI and into my own apartment with friends.


Nancy G

I moved out to Calgary a year ago from New Brunswick. I love reading mysteries and scrapbooking.


Kevin H

I came out to Calgary from Regina 3 years ago when I brought a friend out here that was moving here.
I am working to get my Class 1 licence - in the meantime I am picking bottles to make money.


Stacey Q

I work in construction here in Calgary where I have lived my entire life. With the economy I am struggling to find steady work.


Vern M

Mom passed away and that created tension in the family. Vern likes to help people and be a good citizen.


John W

I am a born and raise Calgarian. I have recently moved into my new apartment and am loving it.


Stephen S

Stephen is from Calgary and came to the Drop In 5 months ago because he had nowhere else to go. He is currently looking to find some education/schooling opportunities.


Darrell S

Darrell came to Calgary 20 years ago from Winnipeg. He came for the Alberta dream and because friends moved here.


Lyndon T

Lyndon came from Waywayseecappo, Manitoba. He came to Calgary 7 months ago to stay with his mom.

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