The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

David L

David is originally from Northern Ireland. He came to Calgary with his mom when he was 6 years old.


John M

John is from Newfoundland and came to Calgary for work 9 nine years ago.
He is a journeyman welder who can't find a job.


Renaud T

Renaud is from Quebec. He came to Calgary 10 years ago for work.


Ray G

Ray was originally from Ontario, he movied to Calgary 19 years ago for work and for family. His favourite holiday is Christmas and he really enjoys fishing and baseball.


Tracey P

Tracey is originally from Killarney, Manitoba. She came to Calgary for a change and has been here for over 20 years.


Bharat K

I was born in Israel and raised in Kenya. I lived in the US for 35 years and have 4 brothers in England.


Justin W

I am from Toronto. I came west 11 years ago to try to donate my kidney to my brother.


Pierre L

I am originally from Montreal. I came to Calgary 9 years ago for work.


Douglas M

Originally from Windsor, ON
Decided to move to Calgary for better job opportunities and also to be closer to family.
Douglas has 4 kids and is also a grandfather!

Unfortunately he was laid off from his job and is currently trying to get something set up for trade shows.


Brian M

Originally from Northern Alberta But has lived in Calgary for 40 years.
Decided to move to Calgary to get medical treatment for celiac and other illnesses.


Stefan H

I am from Calgary, Alberta, born and raised. I was in foster care for 11 years.


Jim B

I am from Cranbrook and came here for marriage 42 years ago. A lot has happened in that 42 years, good and bad.


Marty M

Marty is from Windsor, Nova Scotia. He came to Calgary about 10 years ago because he had family here and he was looking for work.


Dantis D

I am originally from South Sudan. When I immigrated to Canada I came alone and went to British Columbia.


Mark D

I moved to Calgary from Kelowna only a couple days ago looking for work because I lost my job. Originally, I'm from Comox, BC

My goal is to start working so I can gain custody of my 3 Year old daughter who is currently living in Kelowna with foster parents.


Nancy E

I've been on the streets for 22 years. Occasionally I am in contact with my children, but they have all grown up now.


Robert M

I am originally from Jamaica but have been living in Calgary for the past 18 years looking for work. which isn't the easiest for me as I have hip issues which often times makes work difficult.


Tammy C

I've been in Calgary for a little over a month but am from the local area. I really like doing anything recreational such as playing pool or going skating.


Lynn H

I am originally from Edmonton and have been in Calgary for six months now. I have to say, I like Calgary better than Edmonton!

Currently, I am unemployed and homeless, I came to Calgary for work but am not working right now.


Wayne L

I am originally from Grande Prairie Alberta and have been in Calgary for the last 11 years. I was paroled and decided to come to Calgary.


Patricia S

I been in Calgary my whole life, born and raised. I am a handicapped person and permanently disabled.


Keith D

I've been in Calgary for about 20 years now, originally from Olds. I came to Calgary to do some construction work which is how I injured my foot.


James H

Originally, I am from Toronto, ON but I moved to Calgary mainly looking for work but also because the humidity in Toronto was really hard on my Asthma and Calgary is much more dry.

I hope to go back to school or possibly get a supervisor job in a construction company.


Peter K

I've been living in Calgary currently for the last 16 years. I immigrated from Sudan to Canada to go to school to be a Doctor.


Glen F

I am originally from here in Calgary but I spent 4 years in Saskatchewan and 1 year hitch hiking through America.

I have 3 grandchildren and 2 daughters who are all living in Calgary.

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