The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Mike O

I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
but have been living in Calgary for the past 14 years.


james H

In 2014 I moved to Calgary from Grand Falls Newfoundland. I'm a truck driver by trade and came to Calgary looking for work.


Steve S

I was born right here in Calgary, moved away and came back. I've been here now for the last 20 years.


Andria W

Andria is from the Siksika Nation and has always lived in Calgary. As a child, she was sent to residential school as were most of her family.


James B

James came to Calgary 25 years ago from Ontario. He now has health issues which make working difficult.


Karon J

Karon moved to Calgary 26 years ago. She is currently at the DI after a really rough split up from her boyfriend.


Clifford I

Clifford is from Montreal, Quebec. He came to Calgary 24 years ago during a marriage that ultimately ended.


Dien N

Dien is from Vietnam and came to Canada five years ago after a divorce. He is working, but can't afford a place of his own.


Keith L

Keith came to Calgary from Saskatoon 7 and a half years ago when his ex-wife was transferred for her work. He enjoys hockey, football and golf.


Keith W

Keith is from Montreal. He came here about three years ago looking for work.


Brad M

Brad is from Calgary. He has lived here all his life.


Nathaniel G

Nathaniel has lived in Calgary all his life. He has been 4 months at the DI.


Brian B

Brian is from Calgary. He has been at the DI for 2 years and does temporary job assignments.


Barbara B

I am originally from Mexico and have lived in Calgary for about 16 years. I am currently staying at the Drop-In Centre due to some serious medical issues.


Leighton L

I am originally from Edmonton and have lived in Calgary now for 12 years. One of my strongest memories from my childhood was receiving a guitar for Christmas.


James M

I am originally from Kimberly, B.C.


Lloyd V

I am originally from Saskatchewan and moved to Calgary 8 years ago for work. I am currently unable to work due to a medical condition and struggling with earning enough income to get myself out of this current situation.


Rene O

I have been living in Calgary for about 24 years and originally from Ottawa. I am semi-retired and worked in television and broadcasting with interests in computers and photography.


Tyler U

Originally from Vancouver and needing a change I decided to move to Calgary and have been here for about 7 years. I am currently a homeless vet and served in the army and airborne.


Te S

I am currently just finishing a millwright program as I enjoy working with stone and iron. I have great memories of past Christmas's with my family.


Annette S

I am originally from BC and have been living in Calgary for about 8 years. I enjoy drawing, native art and bead work and my fondest memories are Christmas as a child.


Glen S

I am originally from Ontario and have been in Calgary for 9 years. I am currently employed in sales and have great memories of Christmas with my parents.


Rosco W

I have been living in Calgary for 24 years with a career in the cleaning services until the recent downturn in the economy. I love animals and enjoy going to the Zoo Lights over the holidays.


Nina P

I have lived in Calgary for about 36 year and studied psychology at the University of BC. I truly enjoy meeting and learning about people, reading biographies and True Crime.


Francesco N

Francesco is from the Islands of Barbados. He came to Canada a long time ago.

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