The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

David T

David came to Canada in 2003 to escape the war in his home country. He was very happy to come here and feel safe again.


Shayna L

Shayna is from Siksika. She would like to find a job and then take some writing courses.


Pascal L

Pascal came to Calgary 10 years ago for his work in plumbing. He likes sports, especially snow boarding and soccer.


Susan P

Susan is from Ottawa. She came to Alberta about a year ago with her ex-husband.


Sonny S

Sonny has been in Calgary for 20 years. He is a recovering alcoholic who has dreams of going back to school to become an addictions counsellor.


Lino L

Lino is originally from Sudan. He lived in Halifax for a while and then came to Calgary.


Natasha B

Natasha is from Saskatchewan and has been in Calgary for five years. She is having a tough time financially as she has just ended a relationship.


Oketha A

Oketha immigrated from South Sudan eight years ago. He is a people watcher and enjoys being a part of a community.


Anita H

Anita has been in Calgary since 1979. She was from Manitoba.


Ronald M

Ronald is from Calgary. After many years of homelessness he has a place he calls home.


Chad G

Chad is retired. He originally came to Calgary from Saskatchewan for work and then at the end of his career had major health issues.


David B

David is attempting to work his way out of homelessness. He works two part time jobs; one shoveling snow, and another at his church doing odd jobs.


William H

Bill has been in Calgary for seven years. He is originally from Thunder Bay, ON.


Dwight S

Dwight came to Calgary from Ontario about three years ago for work. Things happened here that made work impossible.


Darren K

I am from Calgary. I became homeless after a work injury.


Edgar P

I am from Halifax. I came to Calgary for the Army in the 1970s.


Garth R

I am from Medicine Hat. I came to Calgary 2 years ago as I had to leave my previous home from bed bugs; I couldn't get rid of.


David J

I am from Calgary. I lost my job.


Maluk D

I am from Sudan. I immigrated here about 14 years ago.


Justin S

I am from Edmonton. I have lived in Calgary for about 7 years and I came here because I have a son in Calgary.


Samuel W

I am from Belfast, Ireland. I have lived in Calgary for 4 months and came here for work and family.


Alvin P

I am from Toronto. I have lived in Calgary for 3 years and came here for work and family.


Kam L

Kam is originally from Hong Kong. He came to Calgary 35 years ago.


Kevin H

Kevin is a carpenter. He grew up in Calgary.


Steven Z

Steven has lived in Calgary. He is trying hard to make ends meet but it is tough given the current economy.

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