The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Gord P

Gord is originally from Montreal. He came to Calgary to work about four years ago, but got side tracked by drugs.


Barton J

I am from Montreal. I've lived in Calgary since 1986 and came here for work.


Michael K

Michael was born in BC and raised in the Yukon. He came to Calgary for the warmer weather 25 years ago.


Merlan P

Merlan is originally from Pincher Creek. He is homeless but is looking for work.


Harry L

Harry is from Peace River and moved to Calgary 1 month ago. His current situation is upsetting and frustrating.


Donna E

Donna is from Toronto and came to Calgary when her mom was a nurse and moved west with 2 daughters to start her career. She fell recently and is having a hard time with the constant pain.


Vince S

Vince has lived in Calgary for about 16 years. He came from Edmonton and was looking for a change.


Nelvette B

Nelvette came to Calgary 19 years ago for work. She is out of work right now but is looking for work and wants get her own place.


William M

William is originally from Manitoba, but has been in Calgary for 25 years. He came to Calgary for work.


Charlene P

Charlene has been in Calgary for 30 years. She feels that she is not the type of person who should be homeless.


Harry J

Harry came to Calgary 50 years ago with his family from BC. He can no longer work and has applied for pension, but that takes a while to come.


Lisle S

Lisle has been in Calgary for about 12 years. He is unable to work due to medical issues.


Tim P

Tim is from Ontario and came to Calgary for work almost 30 years ago. Recently his health has not been great and he has found himself in need of help from the DI.


Eddy B

Eddy is originally from Peterborough. He has been in Calgary for 16 years.


Robin W

Robin came to Calgary from Saskatchewan about six years ago to be with family. He likes to work at structured iron work and listen to classic rock and heavy metal music.


Robert H

Robert came to Calgary three years ago from BC for work. His job is gone now and he is working hard to find work.


Brent C

Brent has only been in Calgary for eight days. He is going through some pretty major adversity right now in his life and really appreciates all the help that people have given him.


Farid A

Farid is from Quebec. He came to Calgary about seven years ago.


David T

David came to Canada in 2003 to escape the war in his home country. He was very happy to come here and feel safe again.


Shayna L

Shayna is from Siksika. She would like to find a job and then take some writing courses.


Pascal L

Pascal came to Calgary 10 years ago for his work in plumbing. He likes sports, especially snow boarding and soccer.


Susan P

Susan is from Ottawa. She came to Alberta about a year ago with her ex-husband.


Sonny S

Sonny has been in Calgary for 20 years. He is a recovering alcoholic who has dreams of going back to school to become an addictions counsellor.


Lino L

Lino is originally from Sudan. He lived in Halifax for a while and then came to Calgary.


Natasha B

Natasha is from Saskatchewan and has been in Calgary for five years. She is having a tough time financially as she has just ended a relationship.

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