The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Chrsitmas Wishlist

Give a gift of caring to a homeless Calgarian

On these pages you will find personal stories of the men and women who live, learn and thrive because of the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre (DI). These stories are their personal stories of what brought them to the DI, what the DI means to them and what they need to move beyond the shelter doors back home. These stories are filled their hopes, dreams and their one wish for Christmas this year. By clicking Pic 1on the DI Christmas WishList link above, you can read the stories and choose one or more people for whom you would like to make make a Christmas wish come true. .

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Thank you for supporting the Christmas WishList. We really appreciate your presence here – you make Christmas magic happen. Your light up the world of homelessness with hope. The stories you read here are, as much as possible, told in the exact words the individuals gave the volunteer recording their stories. We want to honour their openness and honesty and try to leave the wording as close as possible to the language/story they shared – though sometimes we make minor changes just for clarity. Any typos are ours – our volunteer elves are working round the clock to get the stories online – we appreciate your understanding.

Merry Christmas!

- The WishList Elves.

Who are the people we serve at the DI?

The people we serve are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. They are human beings suffering from mental health issues, addictions, and poverty. They are the working poor, people who cannot afford to pay their rent and keep food on their table. They are people whose lives have taken unexpected turns. People who never imagined they would end up in a homeless shelter, who never dreamt they'd lose everything before finding this place where they can begin their journey home.

Why give to the Christmas WishList?

Giving is receiving.

And when you give that special wish to someone in need, you are making a connection – to their heart and yours. This is a special time of year and often, for those staying at the DI, family connections have been broken, or lost, or simply forgotten. When you give, you are saying, I see you. I care about you. And in your caring, a candle of hope is lit that can mean the difference between someone feeling lost and alone, or part of a greater community, a community where they belong, have meaning, have purpose.

Give because in giving, you receive the gift of gratitude from everyone here at the DI.

Thank you!